Armed & Dangerous (RetroFuture Mix)


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MC ZULU "Armed and Dangerous" over The Upsetters "Chim Cherie" Riddim. This Riddim was the VERY FIRST "Electro Reggae" track (1972), so I had to do something over it...!

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released September 1, 2015

MC ZULU - Armed & Dangerous (Whitelabel Menace remix of The Upsetters "Chim Cherie")
Lyrics: Dominique "MC ZULU" Rowland | James Dean "Messinian" Fiorella (click title)

Originally recorded for: Rise At Night
Datsik Version: Dubstep Remix
Retro Music: Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters (1972)
Photo Credit: Bartek Karras Photography



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MC ZULU Chicago, Illinois

MC ZULU does not make reggae in the traditional sense. His unique blend of electro bass grooves and Caribbean style dancehall vocals creates a new form of dancehall reggae from the outer reaches of space. -URB Magazine-

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Track Name: Armed & Dangerous (RetroFuture Mix)
Wisdom Makes you dangerous... Fully armed with Jah Music
Whitelabel Menace 'pon dem case once again!

Armed and dangerous
moves too strong no containing us
we don't sleep were cantankerous
wolves at night rip down the ride

Rudeboy armed and dangerous
Test badman you must bite the dust
we don't sleep were cantankerous
Serve dem right, rip down the ride

Dangerous..., We're armed and dangerous
Dem wan the danger? Full outta range, yea

Rule number one inna the jungle it's all about the vibes and the riddim and the sound, Survival of the fittest is not the about biggest

Executioner business. Take no prisoners
In this world you got to Keep it raw, ready fi War, Can't be stopped... Existing above the law

I step it harder than most, with enemies kept close
Untouchable... And such a bold mindset will have you looking always over your shoulder

Follow the plan, still the world is getting colder

What I told you?
Real bad man would never lose
Right hand side or the wrong, You better choose

You don't sixth sense, I never lied. My intent's to take over the world tonight. Suicide is when you try to make it all stop....
and before you realize it here comes the drop

Dangerous..., We're armed and dangerous
Badman know it, Locked and loaded

Go tell the world the revolution's started. Bring the bonafide soldiers and the bravest hearted for the mission, Form up by division.

Competition can't test we take no prisoners. We hit first, you going to get a beating, it's worse than all the rumors you've heard..... and then we call up reserves.

Step on the side of the truth. Jah warriors, ghetto youth, test we now you get the twenty one gun salute.

I might offend dem but I never lied
My intent's to MURDA every sound tonight.

Propaganda when you try to keep it conscious and because dem treat we unjust... Rudebwoy armed and dangerous...

Dangerous..., We're armed and dangerous
Dem wan the danger? Full outta range, yea
Badman know it, Locked and loaded, Dangerous