Love Machine (50 Shades of Reggae) Album In Progress




Controversial Reggae vocalist MC ZULU made his mark combining futuristic dance music with social commentary, often displaying a biting wit. His latest single “Love Machine” is a mischievous glimpse into the suggestive nature of Electro Reggae, a sound he has championed throughout the world.

Although his voice has been celebrated globally, MC Zulu’s greatest gift is his ability with words. He effortlessly conveys a seductive message without crossing the threshold into the obscene. The conversational tone of “Love Machine” playfully details the misadventures related to virtual romance.


True fans of MC ZULU's work now have the opportunity to preview / purchase tracks from this new "Album In Progress" as it is being built

In Fact: We'll do it just like KickStarter.... without all the damn begging (Sorry but stop doing that, it's so embarrassing.)

This project is coming out, with or without your help. BUT you can pay ANY AMOUNT you want (over $1.25) for the tracks.. and YOU will be REWARDED :o)

Level 1} Screw You Zulu, You Arrogant Bastard | Price $5.00 or more
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REWARD: I will insult you via e-mail for not listening to good music, and still living with your parents. I will also send you the rest of the project for free as it is made. Your name (not amount) goes in the album credits and in the CD liner notes when it comes out.

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Level 5} We Oughtta Work On A Track Together | Price $500 or more

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releases January 1, 2020



all rights reserved


MC ZULU Chicago, Illinois

MC ZULU does not make reggae in the traditional sense. His unique blend of electro bass grooves and Caribbean style dancehall vocals creates a new form of dancehall reggae from the outer reaches of space. -URB Magazine-

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Track Name: Love Machine

Gyal Secret Pictures, Chapter 2… if you will
You’re tuned to the vibes right now, of The Badman MC ZULU, SaBBo Riddim

The gyal dem want a love machine
Gyal dem want a man fi caress dem with the energy
Fi satisfy all the forbidden dreams
Searching for the lover she finds her man could never be

No bother corrupt the nice girls..
Nice girl, sent me something freaky over internet. For a while she a try fi kill me with the cyber-sex
And the pictures, And the chatting, And the messages… I tell you, she’s a mess.
I like the images, and me no new to this. Appreciate the gesture, but let me tell you this…

It’s not romance when you type it to her, over the computer
Ain’t no pretenses nor slow dance.. She wan you bring the shooter,
Work it in a way that is worthy of praise,
And receive accolades and make her meditate the whole of the day
Hear what the gyal a say: “Well this here youth here don’t play”.
Make her praise the work and never stray… and the feelings dem never fade away
The gyal dem want a love machine
Gyal dem want a man fi caress dem with the energy
Fi satisfy all the forbidden dreams
Searching for the lover she finds her man could never be
I hear the woman want a love machine
Request the work, her first chance to live it up
Fi satisfy all their forbidden dreams
Now you understand? She say she can’t give it up
I tell you what…
Haul and Pull the selection.. Come again one more time, You done know seh MC ZULU
WICKED pon Riddim.
I was alarmed at how perfect the verse over Dancehall song did work, when me did a search fi di girls that twerked when they heard “Temperature”.. Different version from the one that I wrote for “Riddim Killah”.

The woman dem affi know seh I’m a “Thriller”. But I no finish yet. Me have the ultimate repertoire and more tricks up my sleeve than any blue movie superstar


Hold tight, ladies and gentlemen. I wan you understand one thing right here now. Whether romance business or righteousness… THESE are the vibes for the modern age.
I get by because me Loverman Certified, Bonafide many many moons ago.
I give the “ticket to ride” to all the gals that loved “Spanish Fly”, now dem realize seh me good to know.

But I don’t lie. Research will tell you seh me qualified.
I don’t promise you nothing but a beautiful time tonight, gyal.
I will get Elixir started inna your body and take the credit when you overflow

Track Name: Divine Inspiration

Oh yea, when you’re feeling a certain way.. what does it take to stand and wait?
Words alone won’t open these doors, no..
So when you’re given the chance, never hesitate

If I had the Key To Your Heart
I would have the key to all of creation
Because Your spirit fills me with Divine Inspiration

And it’s so difficult , ‘cause when you hear that
What do you say, but “Come again”...?
I'll tell you now

I was the worst sort, a volatile type... And over time I'd become
Somebody hard wan fi put up a fight.... No matter what the reason

But as the angels take wing and alight amidst the troubled waters
With their intentions of saving us from the misery our sins have brought us

Lord knows... Truth be told I'm wishing I could be by your side....
By your side


Should I begin on a personal tone, or tell the world my troubles?
Always the half that would never be known. It complicates your struggles

And every minute that we spend alone, It's like a blessing from above
I only wish I could make you my own! Could this be unrequited love?

Or every time that you Look my way, oh baby tell me
Do you have the same burning flame in your eyes?

Cause I Don't wanna... Don't.wanna Shake up your cherry tree
Until I know that I'm gonna be... Blessed with fruit...Satisfied

If I had the Key To Your Heart
I would have the key to all of creation
Because Your spirit fills me with divine inspiration

All I know. I want to say it again, and say it again
True Divine Inspiration
…...... and she said “Come again?..........
Yeah, so I said it again
Lord, but here we stand
Enemies and not friends.....
No need to pretend you don’t want to change that.
Track Name: One In A Million

There's no limit to the things your tongue can do, endless abilities
Honeycomb lies and molasses truths imagine all the possibilities
Sweet Brown Sugar on a quest for love and other types of opportunities
ZULU got a thing for the girls who like to show it off for the world to see

Looking in your eyes when I take you dancing, Maybe you can figure what I have in store
Bodies intertwined, serpentine romancing, Energy between us leaving sweat on the floor
Forget about the warnings that your mama gave you, 'Cause I come equipped with the tools to save you
Tonight you can pick your type of misbehavior... Do you want to be my Queen or my Slave? (yea)

I got a taste for you girl and I'mma put you up on top because I'm One In A Million
I'll stimulate the true place and work it 'til you beg me to stop because I'm One In A Million

I've been sent fi de women who think that they could never know love again
First step, learn how to disregard all of the rules of the innocent

Open invitation how your dress is falling, Tell me why you put your love up on the shelf
Thinking of you with your back against the wall, and I don't know if I can keep my thoughts to myself...

I bet you'd never understand the situation between us, Little Ms. demure now with the roughneck genius, Fabric of The Heavens, but I want to prepare you... Honestly now, Do the possibilities scare you?

Chocolate covered sweetness, she's a Lady Godiva,
Telling me she wan me put the loving inside her
I can be the Jockey when she wan be the Rider
Make her keep the pace and feel the long stride

Real Bad Man come fi satisfy all of the wild and forbidden dreams
Write my name all across the sky, she use the lights and the laser beams
Fantasies are freedom when the mind is healthy, meant to leave you memories about that time...
If you're a non-believer, baby girl just tell me
Until I hear the word I'll read thru your signs...